The internal laboratory performs ACCREDIA- referenced calibrations on electrical and RF parameters. We calibrate electronic instruments for ISO 9001 compliance, with particular regard to RF and EMC instruments.

We calibrate instruments for electrical sizes as required by ISO-9001, with reference to primary calibrated LAT.
Primary standards are continue and alternate voltages, continue and alternate currents, resistance, RF power, time and frequency. We provide calibrated instrumentation for compliance with ISO 9000, as well as perform periodic calibrations, while for LAT certifications we rely on external accredited laboratories. We are specialized in the calibration of EMC instruments. These instruments are calibrated with ACCREDIA reference (when possible) or for compliance with the relevant CISPR or MIL standards.
We also perform compliance checks of EMC accessories (clamps, CDN, LISN, sniffers) and electrical safety for all devices involved.